Letter from BrianB about dredging – 19 September 2017

Letata Diary

Dear Fellows,

Weekend at Letata 15-17 Sept. Weather warm with no wind Fri and Sat. Cold with strong breeze on Sunday. Fishing!

No fish taken!! Many seen jumping in House dam and a few in Wickam,Oribi and Spurwing.

Major problem!  Recent dredging has not dredged dams at all! Instead activities confined to digging on dam walls.

House dam: the first 25 m near to house – the wall has been dug out vertically for 1 meter. This is a problem because it will cause dam wall to collapse inwards

Until resting slope is achieved. Also impossible to create rock rapping as there is nothing to put rocks on. It happens that that portion of dam wall was identified by Hoeli as the the weakest part of dam wall. In that part there is considerable leakage at the foot of the wall. This was noted before and was shown to Papenfus .  His opinion was that it was not urgent but should be kept under Observation.

In my opinion the leakage has increased and we should get Papenfus to reassess ASAP.

The digging has continued next to the further 40 m of dam wall but not to the same extent. This portion of wall shows no seepage.

If Papenfus or Colleague feels that I am alarmist I will happily pay for his services.

Kind regards,   Brian B